Scrap Metal Recycling Christchurch

Resource Recycling Technologies NZ Limited specialises in the collection, processing and export of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. It has a purpose built recycling facility in Woolston, Chirstchurch and has made a multi million-dollar investment in plant and machinery.


Resource Recycling Technologies NZ Limited is the South Island largest privately owned steel recycler


Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Lead (all non-ferrous metals).


Resource Recycling Technologies NZ Limited undertakes large plant decommissioning.


Based in Christchurch New Zealand, Resource Recycling Technologies NZ Limited (“RRT”) is the largest privately owned scrap metal recycling facility in the South Island. Covering almost 5 acres of industrial land the plant is conveniently located to Port Lyttelton enabling efficient exporting of product to Asian markets.

The facility was purpose built for metal recycling and has been designed and constructed to ensure utmost attention is afforded to protecting the environment in processing, storing and exporting metals. RRT has a full time environmental officer to ensure the highest standards are maintained in the operation.

RRT has been in the business of metal recycling since 1971 and in that time has been involved in numerous large projects. It currently employs 60 people and has made a significant investment in plant and machinery to efficiently process metal products in an environmentally responsible manner. RRT has partnered with large corporations and local bodies to manage metal recycling to ensure maximum returns and efficient disposal of surplus resources.