Steel Recycling Christchurch

Iron and steel scrap metal (“ferrous scrap”), comes from end of life products (old or obsolete scrap) as well as scrap metal generated from the manufacturing process. Today, ferrous scrap is the most recycled material in the world. Roughly 45% of the total output of the new steel comes from recycled scrap and there is virtually no loss of metal in the recycling process.

We recycle all types of scrap metal at our yard in Woolston, Christchurch

Resource Recycling Technologies Ltd is the South Island largest privately owned steel recycler. We service our customers with an extensive range of services:


We have a range of scrap metal bin types and sizes to suit your needs. We have purpose built skips and containers to ensure efficient scrap metal collection. We have over 150 mini skips located in factories around Christchurch and an efficient collection program.

More on our scrap metal bin hire here.


We offer scrap metal collection and pick-up for larger quantities that may not be suitable for one of our bins. We have an onsite gas cutting service to cut large steel machines into smaller transportable size items. We operates crane trucks that can come to your site and pick up your loose scrap.

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RRT has a ‘state of the art’ steel processing plant and has made significant investment in machinery such as a such as a 300tonne Haris Baler and a 2000tonne Bonfiglioli shear.

We also offer a range of onsite scrap metal services in Christchurch.

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